Thursday, May 4, 2017

TSU Finals Frenzy Final - Exam Week Resources

Finals are here! With one of the most important times of the year coming into full swing, we would like for you to know the Library and Student Center special hours so you can be successful!

If you are staying past midnight at the library, remember to bring your Texan Card ID so you can stay in the building.

 There are some special stations around campus to help you succeed! Don't miss out on hammocks, massages, wings, and much more!

There will be coffee stations set up all around campus. Look for one in the next building you are in! 

- Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives (@TarletonSSMI)

Friday, April 28, 2017

Gain a SNEAK PEAK! Introducing Tarleton's New Student Success Collaborative Software

You are invited to attend the "Student Success Engineers Showcase" this Wednesday, May 3rd at 3:45pm in the Library Multipurpose. Several university departments are part of a Spring Cohort focused on the Education Advisory Board's Student Success Collaborative program and you are invited to hear about their projects!

RSVP for the Showcase! -

Here is a list of the showcase presenters:

- Center for Access and Academic Testing & the Academic Resource Center - ARC
- International Programs
- Center for Academic Readiness and Success
- Career Services
- Advising - Honors Program
- Advising - COLFA (General Studies)
- Global Campus

We will see you there! Please contact if you have any questions!


- Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives (@TarletonSSMI)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Traveling Internationally

Traveling internationally is something common among college students. At some time or another, you may come across the opportunity to travel either for class credit or just for vacation. There are a lot of things to know before going off to a new country.  Here are a few tips for your adventures abroad:

  • Research where you're going- It is important to get to know about your host country before arriving. Brushing up on the language is also not a bad idea either. This way, you will know what to expect upon arrival, and you can exchange some words with the locals. 
  • Make a packing list far in advance- If you are spending a long period abroad then make sure you have refills for things that could run out such as medicine or contacts. You also want to make sure you have time to get everything you think you will need. Did you put your winter clothes in storage but are traveling to the cold? Make sure you have time to gather everything.
  • Scan all important documents you may need- You never know when you may need a copy of your birth certificate but it is back home. Having an extra either physical copy, or copy on your laptop or tablet does not hurt. 
  • Research Apps used in the country you're traveling to- WhatsApp and Viber are two apps that you can download and use to connect with other people via WiFi. If you do not want to pay for a phone plan in another country, this would be the way to go and all you would need is an internet connection. 
  • Take advantage of every opportunity even if it means skipping a nap- There is so much to do and so little time. Take advantage of every opportunity! 
  • Take is all in, but also find that balance to document everything- You want to make sure you take enough pictures for memories, but you also want to make sure you enjoy the moment! You want to remember that feeling forever!  
Don't forget to check resources around your school! University libraries often have lots of travel resources and even technology to rent to document your trip! Also, don't forget to take advantage of the prep courses from your universities Study abroad office. 

Safe Travels! 

Tarleton nursing students in the Dominican Republic 

Tarleton student in Amsterdam 

- Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives (@TarletonSSMI)

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Traveling on a budget

Many students are dreaming about vacation times ahead. With so many cool places to see but a limited amount of funds, how are students expected to see the world? When traveling, you have to answer the basic who, what, where, when, why, and how. Here are some tips to travel on a budget:

Who- Do you want to travel alone? Do you want to bring friends? Sometimes you can get group rates for different types of vacations. Cruises are a big on helping your group out when it comes to pricing.

What- What would you like to accomplish while you're on your vacation? Once you settle on where you would like to go, you should look at local activities. Do you want to be a traveler or a tourist? A traveler eats where the locals eat and wants to experience what the locals experience. A tourist does what is popular, and most likely follows a travel guide. It would help to plan out different activities and create an itinerary. The farther you plan ahead, the more money you will save.

When- Off seasons are the best times to travel if you want to save money. Also, you can receive email updates from travel websites when they are having deals and promo codes!

Where- Deciding where you want to go is a huge part of your trip! Do you want to stay local? Do you want to travel internationally? Figuring out your destination early so you can plan to save money in advance is a great idea!

Why- Why do you want to travel? Has it always been your dream to see a certain monument? Would you like to travel for a service related trip? If you are traveling with organizations, then you may want to look into fundraiser ideas!

How- There are apps and websites such as Kayak and Skyscanner. These will update when flights are at a low price. With the Kayak app, you can save your top destinations to fly to. The app will notify you when the destinations you chose are at their best prices. With Skyscanner, every single airline is looked at, and the lowest price combinations come out. It even gives you options like using multiple airlines for one trip!

Now that you have figured out the who what when where why, and how, you should be close to ready to go! Safe travels everyone!

- Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives (@TarletonSSMI)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Love Your School

It is important to love your school because it is somewhere that you spend a lot of time. You want to enjoy where you live, enjoy your classes, and enjoy the whole experience! College goes by quickly, cherish every moment. Below are some tips to help you fall in love with your university.

Getting involved with
 homecoming events! 
Join an organization: A great way to fall in love with your school is to get involved. At Tarleton, there are over 150 different organizations to join! If there is an organization you want to start, you need four other members and an advisor! By joining an organization, you can be a part of something bigger than yourself, and it is a great way to make friends. Organizations also have GPA requirements so forming all these bonds with friends may make you more likely to want to keep your grades up so you can stay involved.

Get involved in campus activities: Student email accounts are always being updated with upcoming events. Going to these events is a great way to see what is going on around you and your school! The same goes for flyers posted around campus! Try taking a look and see if something catches your eye. Many of them offer free food!

Emily after receiving a Core Values Coin
during her campus job
Look for a campus job: Campus jobs are great because they work with your class schedule, and you do not have to drive if you live on campus! Campus jobs can teach you a lot about the school you are attending.

- Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives (@TarletonSSMI)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Yogurt at the Tarleton Food Pantry

The Tarleton Food Panty has items other than your typical canned goods. The new featured item is GoGo squeeZ YogurtZ! YogurtZ is healthy food that has so many nutritional benefits, and also makes a great snack!

Here is a residence hall friendly list of things you can do with YogurtZ:
  1. Drizzle on oatmeal
  2. Drizzle on fruit
  3. Make a dip for chips or fruits and veggies 
  4. Make a healthier frosting for baked goods
  5. Frozen yogurt bites 
  6. Frozen fruit pops 
  7. Smoothies
  8. Parfait 
  9. Parfait pops
If you're having trouble thinking of other creative ways to use your YogurtZ at home, try Pinterest! 

For more recipes from GoGo squeeZ, check out the GoGo squeeZ blog at 

GoGo squeeZ has been a sponsor for the TSMRI Social Media Conference the past two years. If you are a Tarleton student, you can find GoGo squeeZ products in the Tarleton Food Pantry. For more information on the Tarleton Food Pantry, visit

 We ❤ you GoGo squeeZ!

- Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives (@TarletonSSMI)